Introduction to Airbrush with Jay Pierstorff

Introduction to Airbrush with Jay Pierstorff

In this three-part online class, instructor Jay Pierstorff will guide you through the fascinating world of airbrushing. Modern technology has reduced the price of entry level airbrush kits to $40 or less. This is a great time to explore the unique opportunities the airbrush can bring to your art! Whether you're a beginner or an aspiring artist looking to expand your skill set, this course is designed to equip you with the essential knowledge and techniques to create stunning airbrush artwork.

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Introduction to Airbrush with Jay Pierstorff
  • Introduction to Airbrush Part 1

    Part 1 focuses on the foundational aspects of airbrushing. You will gain an in-depth understanding of the airbrush itself, explore its diverse applications, and learn how to use the airbrush with a battery-powered mini-compressor. Through hands-on exercises you'll become familiar with the airbrus...

  • Introduction to Airbrush Part 2

    Jay Pierstorff will also introduce you to stencils for airbrushing with food colors for cookie/cakes decoration. You will explore how airbrushing can transform ordinary cookies into edible masterpieces, as you learn to add vibrant colors and delicate designs using food-safe techniques.


  • Introduction to Airbrush Part 3

    One crucial aspect of airbrushing is maintaining the cleanliness and performance of your equipment. Jay will guide you through the process of disassembling your airbrush for a thorough cleaning. You will learn the proper steps to dismantle and reassemble the airbrush, ensuring optimal functionali...